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Yamada Chiekoさんのオリジナル曲「伝統のまち」(こころのまち)のプレビューです。犬山についての曲です。私はビデオを作らさせていただきました。「伝統のまち」と「悠花」(はるか)はわずか6時間弱で撮影、編集は2日でした。いつものことですが、やり直したいところがあるが、ほとんど納得です。Chiekoさんは6月末にCDとDVDをだす。皆様、応援しましょう!
This is a video clip from the original song, “Kokoro no Machi” by Chieko (a former student of mine) . The song is about Inuyama. I made the video. This video and “Haruka” were shot in under 6 hours and edited in two days. I would like to take a few do overs, but all in all, not too bad for a rush job. Chieko will be putting out a CD and DVD at the end of June. Lets wish her well!

「ナショナル9.11メモリアルと博物館」National 9.11 Memorial and Museum

The other night Keiko and I attended an event held by the American Embassy in Tokyo commemorating the National 9.11 Memorial and Museum. The head of the project came from New York and made a presentation. We were able to meet and talk with the Ambassador, former Prime Minister Fukuda and many people. But the most moving aspect of the event was that family members of almost all of the Japanese victims of the attack were present. As well as the Japanese Firefighters who arrived in NY within 17 hours of the attack. Watching a video of how one of the Japanese who lost their life that day will be represented in the museum with that person’s family was an experience that I find difficult to put into words.